Another DIY Success

6:00 AM

I have another project to share from the new house. Except for a few pieces that got weeded out, we moved just about all of our existing furniture. I really didn't want to move the kitchen table we had. To be honest, I had fallen out of like with it a few years before. I appeased myself by saying, "I'll get a new one if we ever move." But when the move became a reality, I didn't feel I could justify buying a new table and chairs when I had so much other furniture that needed to be purchased.

I mentioned my lack of enthusiasm over the table in a conversation with my mother and wouldn't you know, she had creative idea. She volunteered to recover the chair cushions. The seats were a BORING khaki color that had several spots and food stains from five years of abuse.

We met at a fabric store one day on my lunch break and I picked out something to livin' up the chairs.

With her skills and a staple gun, she gave new life to my kitchen chairs.

Thanks, Mom! I like the table again and love the bright colors in our kitchen. :)

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