The Love Continues...

10:30 AM

The Valentine's Day fun continued over the weekend. Saturday night my parents kept Libby and Drew and I had a lovely date at Mark's City Grill.

Drew came through with some lovely roses for moi! They are very pretty and just starting to open up. Such a smart sweet guy!


Sunday after Libby's nap, we headed to the farm to enjoy the warm-ish weather and celebrate Valentine's with Drew's family. Libby and Nono baked and decorated MORE cookies and she enjoyed getting some special gifts.

Monday she lugged home two bags full of paper Valentines and candy from school.

She was in candy heaven!

Drew and I swiftly removed 90% of the candy and added it to her treat basket. She gets to sift through the basket after each successful trip to the potty.

Then we headed to my parents for dinner. Libby had already delivered Valentine's to Mimi and Papa and their cat, Emma, Saturday. But she enjoyed throwing her dinner on the floor and opening a few Valentine goodies.

Mimi and Libby reading "Five little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed".

It was a nice holiday. I'm still sneaking the pink icing cookies that Libby helped decorate. Once those are gone, I might be able to focus on healthy food again! ;)

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  1. I LOVE the picture of her in "candy heaven" hilarious!! Why do the little ones love those paper Valentines so much?? Happy VDay from FL


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