Valentine's Fun

12:00 PM

Happy Valentine's week!

It started early for Libby. Her great great Aunt Jeanette sent her a Disney Princess card that sings.

Did I mention it sings?

I got tired of having to open and close it over and over, so I clipped it to the 'fridge at Libby's height. Perfect. She stopped for a jam session on our way out the door to school.

This weekend we worked on Valentine's for Libby's class. I hope the boys won't mind getting cards with fairies on them.

Hopefully they'll go for the lollipop and forget about the pixie dust and girly-ness!

Libby was such as good helper. I called out each name, then she would pick a card she liked and hand me a lollipop to go with it. This was just another reminder that she is growing up on me. *Sigh*

I hope you get lots of treats from those you love!

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  1. That expression on her face is to die for! :)
    Brodie insisted we give the boys Wolverine and the girls Toy Story 3. This afternoon he reported that the girls said they would have rather had Princess Cards instead of TS3! LOL! Little Divas ;)


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