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We've spent several evenings in our yard enjoying the nice weather. The pollen has been bothersome, but it comes with the territory. Our pool had a yellow layer across the top - yuck!

Libby was more than happy to help Drew. Her helping means walking beside him asking lots of questions.  

I think she's a pretty cute helper!

While out in the yard I noticed this dogwood tree was blooming. Then another, then another. We have three trees in our yard. We didn't realize they were there because this is our first spring to see everything bloom. What a nice surprise!

Taking this picture made me remember the Legend of the Dogwood. I did some research to fill in the gaps and the story goes like this:

At the time of Crucifixion the dogwood had been the size of the oak and other forest trees. So firm and strong was the tree that it was chosen as the timber for the cross. To be used thus for such a cruel purpose greatly distressed the tree, and Jesus nailed upon it, sensed this.

In His gentle pity for all sorrow and suffering Jesus said to the tree:

" Because of your regret and pity for My suffering, never again shall the dogwood tree grow large enough to be used as a cross. Henceforth it shall be slender and bent and twisted and its blossoms shall be in the form of a cross--two long and two short petals. And in the center of the outer edge of each petal there will be nail prints, brown with rust and stained with red, and in the center of the flower will be a crown of thorns, and all who see it will remember."

I like that such a beautiful tree has such a powerful legend behind it.

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  1. I knew there was a biblical story behind the dogwood, but I never knew the story. Thanks for sharing!

  2. The only tree left in our backyard is a dogwood. Due to the GIANT mess it makes when those lovely white petals all land in our pool, Danger wanted to cut it down. I freaked out and told him it was sacred! LOL ;) The mess is short lived, as when those petals are gone, it's over - and HE doesn't clean the pool anyway!! ;)

  3. She is getting so big!! Loved your pic on FB today freezing in the boat!! I am so happy about not having a pool to take care of anymore!!


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