Girls Gone Mild

6:45 PM

  I am so excited to tell you about my recent trip to the beach. I got to spend three days with two of my best girls, Michelle and Kathryn, from college. We hit the road Thursday after work and were beach bound!

We shared a lot of laughs about how crazy our "spring break" was going to be. Three working women, three kids between out PCB! But we did get mistaken for spring-breakers twice and that made us giggle.

We had great weather. It was raining back home, but not on the coast. We had blue skies, warm sun and a nice breeze. Check out this gorgeous sunset!

We spent our days relaxing on the beach.

I'm not proud of a few of the things we did, like eating this ENTIRE pan of brownies...but it happened!

We told stories from college that made us laugh. By the way, you're never too old to get silly with your friends!

Kathryn and Michelle also taught me a Girls Scout song that I cannot get out of my head. Do you know this song? "Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other gold." Beware, it's very catchy.

We also painted our nails and helped Kathryn with a little work on the computer.

So maybe we weren't wild by typical standards, but I sure had a great time! I really appreciate my family pitching in to help with Libby so I could enjoy this precious time with old friends.

Gotta run! I have Girl Scouts songs that I must work on getting out of my head.

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  1. Oh, it was a great mild weekend! Beth, you have to teach Libby or Drew the girls scouts song so you can sing in a round! It was awesome, thanks for the giggly goodness of best friends!

  2. Love your title! So true, we aren't the wild things we were years past, but we can still giggle it up with our besties :) Glad you gals had fun!

  3. how fun! you all 3 look fantastic! mild or wild, a weekend with friends on the Gulf is really really really hard to beat!

  4. Haha!! Did you learn the second verse too? Something like "a circle is round, it has no end, that's how long I want to be your friend."

    Your welcome for now making you sing that one lots :)
    Look like yall had a blast!!

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