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This weekend Drew and I broke away from the land of Little Einsteins and naps and had a weekend to ourselves! Our destination? The beautiful, historic Savannah, GA.

We arrived Friday evening. Neither of us had been before, so once we checked into our hotel, we hit the streets. We ate dinner in the City Market area. We enjoyed the live music and laid back atmosphere. We stayed at The Marshall House. They claim to be the oldest hotel in Savannah. They certainly could be the prettiest one! It was historically charming, but modern at the same time. I really enjoyed our stay there!

We visited Paula Deen's restaurant, but didn't stick around to eat. Several people had given us a head's up that it's always packed, so I was happy enough just to see the restaurant and browse her gift store.

The next morning we had breakfast at the hotel and were ready to check out the town.

We took an hour-long horse-drawn carriage tour. We both enjoyed it. There is SO much history in Savannah. Our tour guide shared all kinds of stories and pointed out landmarks. We felt much more Savannah-savvy after our tour.

SCAD buildings were everywhere. This was just across the street from our hotel. Our tour guide told us that students that major in historic restoration adopt old buildings all over town and update them.

Do you recognize this piece of land? (I didn't either) However, if you remove the sign and pull up the tulips you have the exact spot where Tom Hanks sat on the bench in Forrest Gump. Cool!

And I felt like we ate the entire time we were there. We had great pizza at Vinnie Van Go Go's and a very nice dinner at the Chart House.

Sunday morning we had breakfast (eating again!) and bid farewell to Savannah.

It was a fun, relaxing weekend. I really enjoyed our trip and would certainly like to visit again!

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  1. Love Savannah! Somehow I missed that part about Forrest Gump when we were there - interesting!! We might have been on a ghost tour or something, though, I cannot quite remember as I was traveling preggo with a 1 year old in tow...I will not go in to the drama that was us waiting for a spot to get in the Lady & Sons, lemme just say - RIDIC!!!

  2. P.S. Where we goin' next?? I love traveling with the Parkmans! ;)

  3. Great Pics! I love Savannah- and it's been a hot minute since we've been- makes me wanna take a weekend trip there! Vinnie Van Go-Go's is one of our favs too! :)


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