Something to Cheer About

10:00 AM

I hope you're in the SPIRIT today. If not, let me get my personal cheerleader on that.

This picture cracks me up! I told her, "Put your hands on your hips." She did, but didn't give me a smile to go along with it. This is serious stuff, people.

Now for the best part of the outfit...

Tee hee! Normally I don't parade my child out in public with writing across her rear, but this was for a special occasion. Libby's friend, Allie, was turning four. And to celebrate, she had a cheerleading party. Fun!

There were "real" cheerleaders there to teach the girls some moves. The little girls mostly they stood there and stared at them, but it was cute.


Group shot of the birthday cheerleaders.

Then they got to decorate a megaphone.

It's really great for helping Libby make LOTS of LOUD noises. (A special thanks to Allie's parents for that one.) I'll have to remember to return the favor!

She had fun cheering and eating cake and ice cream! A WIN in our book!

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  1. What a super cool birthday idea! and what adorable cheerleaders! :)

  2. Oh my..waay too cute!! I love her expression- priceless :)


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