More Easter Fun

3:00 PM

Easter morning arrived. The Easter Bunny contemplated skipping Libby's house after seeing the excessive amount of presents she received for her birthday the week before, but who is that bunny kidding?! She's too cute to overlook!

Libby searched all around the house and found her bucket downstairs. She sorted through each item.

And it was no surprise the chocolate was her favorite! (Yes, sweetie, mommy's favorite, too.)

Then we got all spruced up for church. I thought Libby was quite beautiful this Easter morn.

She was less interested in posing for pictures and more interested in telling Drew about her bucket. Fine, I'll take what I can get.

With Cassie and Courtney before Sunday School.


 And Libby and Cayden before lunch at Motsie's house. Isn't this a cute shot? One of my favorites!

And after lunch, a BIG egg hunt with all of the cousins on the Parkman side.

Libby took this one a little more seriously. There was candy and money involved. Go Libby, go!

It was a wonderful weekend. Drew and I were exhausted when we made it home Sunday night. Libby is so blessed and we are, too. We are so thankful He is risen!

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  1. Beth, the photo of Libby and Cayden looks professional! It is precious of both of them!

  2. Happy Easter!! I love her sunglasses :)


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