Pre-Easter Fun

11:15 AM

Boy was Easter weekend fun! Libby's school was closed for Good Friday. Drew spent the morning with her. They had breakfast and took a trip to the farm. Then we swapped off and Libby and I enjoyed the afternoon together.

When we got home, there was a package waiting for us.

Uncle Drew and Jessina came through with some great loot!

Saturday we had an egg dying party. We invited Libby's cousin, Cayden, and her family, to join us.

We worked hard on dipping the eggs. Then Libby decorated them with stickers.

But all Cayden really cared about was eating the eggs. Shell and all. Yum?

After the eggs dried we had an egg hunt. At first the girls were uninterested. But with a little encouragement, Libby played along.

Found one!

However, no amount of encouragement worked on Cayden. She was content to stick hard boiled eggs in her mouth!

I'll be back with the other half of our Easter celebration.

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  1. The second picture of Libby looks just like you!!!!! She is too cute!

  2. I love the headband! Great picture!
    umm hard boiled eggs shell and all...cough cough - yuck! ;))

  3. Haha too cute! So glad you documented it!



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