Party Month

12:00 PM

The month of April has been a busy one. We've hit four birthday parties just this month.

Last week, my niece turned one. Libby was looking forward to Cayden's party. Since she's two years older, she had the wisdom to know that parties are a lot of fun.

Cayden had a house full of friends and presents. And yes, she got to bathe in her cake!

Libby thought this was really funny!

I made a quick change during the party and switched to wedding mode. I attended a beautiful wedding for one of my former students, Jordan.

She made such a lovely bride!

Stacy (another of my students), Jordan and me. They were stunning! Me, a little sweaty. The ceremony was outside and it was extremely hot. Whew! But the heat couldn't take away my happiness for Jordan and her groom.

We hosted Libby's 3rd birthday party this past weekend. I can't wait to share pictures soon.

And we are eagerly awaiting Easter Sunday. Told you it's been a busy month! Be back soon. :)

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  1. What fun pictures! Hard to believe Miss Libby is 3. Time goes by so quickly. :)

  2. What a cute little girl and pretty bride! I can't wait to see pics from Libby's party!!


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