11:59 AM

It happened - I blinked and my little girl turned three. Oh my.

 Libby anxiously awaitied her birthday. We planned and invited.

Then we waited for April 16 to arrive.

She was so excited! Soooo excited.

 It was a great day and great party!


Having so many of our friends and family with us to celebrate made this the perfect day. I could not have asked for nicer weather or a better party. Libby is one lucky little girl (did you see the mountain of presents?!)
It was a wonderful party and we are blessed beyond measure!

P.S. I'm taking my 'party planner' hat off until April 2012! 

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  1. What a relief to finally know the official spelling of "meeska mooska"! Such a cute party! Shame she didn't get many gifts..... :))

  2. What a cute party! Love the invites! Love the cake and love her outfit!! Precious!!

  3. Who took that awesome picture of Libby with her mom and dad? :) Love the hand in the icing too. Such a sweet girl.


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