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Hi blog readers! It's time to kick off another week. Did you have a good weekend? We did. We got a lot done and enjoyed a nice meal to celebrate Drew's mother's birthday. We made the executive decision to get a babysitter for the evening. We really enjoyed our peaceful, quiet meal.

We had planned to spend Sunday afternoon by the pool, but it was in the 60's and chilly here - too cold to swim! But that's okay with me, the hot weather will be here soon enough. I personally enjoyed a break from the heat.

I started two new books last week. I'm not sure why I'm reading two at one time. I normally like to finish one before I start. I don't like getting characters and plots confused, but the two books couldn't be more different, so I don't think it'll be a problem. The first is Be Careful What You Pray For by Kimberla Lawson Roby. The second, Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen. Both are intriguing from the start and I can't wait to see how they end. I am purposely reading Water for Elephants before I see the movie.

I mentioned running in the title. Here's why. My friend Demetri sent me an e-mail last week telling me how she is training to run in the San Pedro Sula Marathon in June. She currently lives in Honduras and has decided to take on this challenge to raise money for an organization near to her heart, Organization for Youth Empowerment (OYE). To quote Demetri from her e-mail:

"OYE is an innovative, youth run organization that empowers young Hondurans to be leaders in their country. OYE scholars are mostly girls, are from very low income families, and have to work their tails off to be accepted into OYE....and continue to work hard to stay in the program. They make great grades, are active in their community and graduate from high school at a much higher rate than students not in OYE...they are the best of the best. If you don't care about my pride or your own karma, then at least do it for these fantastic kids!"

Mechie has created a Race Blog to keep us up to date on all things marathon. You can also donate here. Go, Mechie, go! I think you're a little crazy to want to run in the Honduran heat, but I wish you the best of luck!!

If you would like to help Demetri meet her goal of $2,000 or would just like to be entertained by her blog (the survey questions are funny!) please visit her blog.

Have a great week, all!

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  1. Water for Elephants was great- so much better than the movie! I try to read the books of movies I want to see before I watch them. I just finished Something Borrowed and now I'm working on the sequel, Something Blue.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing my marathon challenge with your followers Beth. Everyone- please check out the blog and OYE's website and, if you can, donate a little to help these teenagers stay on the right track. I was with them this weekend working on a clean-up project and they continue to amaze me. They'll literally be running this country one day- I know it!


    Thank you for anything you can give- even if it's just sending me your best vibes on race day....but cash is better! ;)


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