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This weekend we suited up, applied sunscreen and took the inaugural plunge into our new pool. (The pool's not new, just new to us.) We've never had a pool before and trust me, we have mixed emotions about it. But we have vowed to keep it up and enjoy it since it ours.

When Libby awoke from her nap, I asked her if she wanted to swim. She was so giddy so began stripping her clothes off and running upstairs to get her suit on!

Testing the water.

She got lots of pool toys for her birthday, so we brought them out. I think we blew up every float we own.

And it was fun!

This is the beginning of something good! We are excited about having friends over to splash and swim with us. Summertime has officially begun.

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  1. Dear Libby,
    Gavin makes a mean wave pool and can throw kids really far in the pool. So if you ever need some swimming buddies, we'll be glad to come swim with you!
    Lots of Love,

  2. Ha ha! Great sell, Brittaney! I'll make sure Libby invites Gavin (and his supervisor, Ms. Brittaney) over to swim!! :)

  3. Welcome to Pool World - You will love it! :)

  4. Her bathing suit is adorable! Love the polka dots Miss Libby!


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