Trolling for Fun

4:55 PM

Hey blog readers! I hope your week is off to a great start.

We did some (more) traveling this weekend, but first I wanted to share our slow-paced adventure from last weekend. We ventured to the farm and loaded up the john boat, trolling motor and floated around the lake. Since Libby was such a drama queen about "not going fast" in Drew's boat, this was right up her alley. 

It was just before sunset. Lovely, isn't it?

Drew had his rod and plenty of help from his first mate.


She was so intrigued by the whole thing. She had 124 so many questions!


Daddy caught a fish! Then she asked to pet it. And of course squealed when she touched him. Honestly, I was shocked that she even wanted to get near the fish.


Then she gave it a go with her Barbie fishing pole. Fear not, Drew cut the hook off of her bait. But that didn't slow her down. She kept saying, "I'm gonna get a big one! Then you can pet it, Momma." 

I know I'm her mom, but she made quite a cute fisher woman!

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