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I'm posting today from the honest bucket. It might not be cute or witty, but it's real!


 There, I said it. I feel like I'm being pulled in 15 different directions. I get stressed and tired -- and it just plain stinks!

Working a full time job and being a mom, wife, daughter and friend is so hard. And honestly, I'm not sure that I'm filling any of those roles very well, like I'm doing just enough to get by. I am sad and mad and annoyed all at the same time. 

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It's no different that what millions of other moms go through every day, so that gives me hope knowing I'm not alone. If they can make it through alive, I can too. Right?

Here's a snapshot of the past week:
Work every day
Church softball for me, church softball for Drew
Pay bills
Pack for a trip
laundry, laundry, laundry
Trip to Wal-Mart (boo!)
Discovered our pediatrician is taking a leave of absence (really?)
Finally mail last few thank you notes
Feel guilty for not being able to pick my child up early
Attend board meeting at church
Volunteered to help with Children's Church (not going to lie, I don't even know how that's going to go!)
Stayed late for work event
Went after hours to a high school program to make a presentation
I'm stopping this list now, it's just making me more anxious!!

I yearn to spend more time with Libby and not depend on a daycare (which is a great and wonderful one) to do that for me. I want to be able to raise my hand at church more and volunteer to do more things. I want to be able to open my refrigerator and not feel guilty because there's not enough items that "go together" to make a real meal. And I almost never get to exercise, which believe it or not, I actually enjoy!

I talk to Drew about it and pray often on the subject. I don't know what the answer is to being stretched so thin, but I know there's got to be a better way.

Moms, I know you're out there, how do you make it all work? Better yet, how do you get it all done while still having the right attitude and enjoying your children? I am fearful that it's all going to go by so fast without me truly appreciating what I have.

Thanks for letting me vent. Now I just need to a magic wand to grant me all my wishes!

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  1. I completely understand how you feel- except for the mom part. I often feel like I'm stretched too thin. The best thing I've discovered is to back away from something for a while. Pick one of those overwhelming things and take a break from it (if you can). Good luck!
    And just think, only a few more days and you'll have a week off, right? (My mom does.)

  2. I have .02! I think you rock your job and you're a pretty good friend too :)

  3. 1 - You are a great Mom!
    2 - Ditto :(
    I have no answers. All I do is run run run...and say yes yes yes to additional commitments...which may lead me to being committed.
    I am starting to think I may have to learn to say "no" to things that would not include the boys -and not feel guilty -until they are a little older. I feel obligated because our Church is so new - and of course the whole furthering of the Kingdom thing ;), but I will have years to do that when B & b don't want to hang with me anymore, right?
    I know I so very often feel that I am trying to do so much until I am not really good at anything.
    Please let me know when you find a solution.


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