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7:00 AM

By the end of the summer last year, I knew swim lessons needed to be at the top of our list when summer 2011 rolled around. Libby loved the water, but did not know how to swim.

I booked the lessons at the end of April and waited for June to roll around. Libby didn't know Ms. Jenny, but liked her from their first meeting.

She went under within the first five minutes of her first lesson. She also is a pro at kicking, scooping and blowing bubbles.

She is jumping off the side of the pool and I am impressed with how well she's doing! And she gave me the biggest surprise of all when I got home Monday. She ran into the kitchen and told me, "I jumped off 'da divin' board!" She was so proud of herself. She was bribed with a popsicle, that's all it took. I asked her if we went swimming would she jump again. She said, "Yes!" So we did a quick change and she jumped off the diving board at least five more times. It scares me and excites me all at the same time.

I took this pic (on my phone) Sunday night. She got to swim with her buddy, J.D.  (little sister Elsie is on the left.) After every lesson, the kids get a treat. I'm pretty sure this is Libby's favorite part of the lesson! 

I am amazed at how quickly she has learned. I am proud of my little fish!

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  1. Yay! Glad to hear she's doing so well. Of course she's a fish...look at her water lovin' mama! Go Libby!

  2. She's doing so well!!! I'm trying to talk my family into buying a large above ground pool.

  3. Way to go Libby! ;) As a side note, I am good friends with JD and Elsie's Aunt Karen. ;)


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