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So far our summer has been fun, busy and totally exhausting! I told you that we adjusted our work schedule to work four ten-hour days and have Fridays off. It's been good, but jammed-packed.

Each Friday we've planned something fun to celebrate our summer. The combination of being on-the-go all week (and weekend) is catching up with me. But I must say, it's been fun to spend quality time with Libby and our friends.

Last Friday we took our annual trip with friends to Callaway Gardens. We took a day trip last year and it was so much fun we wanted to do it again.

We met early and hit the road.

All the kids were really good! We packed a lunch and spent the day swimming and playing.


Saturday, we had our Sunday School class over to swim. Everyone had been in the pool about 25 minutes when it started raining. After swimming in the rain for a bit, we decided to move the kids out of the pool. They played on the patio and in the back yard for a while.  

Then when the heavy rain arrived, we moved the party inside. So our pool party turned into an indoor party!

We had lots of good food to keep us busy. We agreed that we really needed the rain, so we ate and played inside for a few hours. So much for our pool party...maybe next time.

It was a good week and I'm excited to have some down time this weekend. I know we'll get into something fun, but first, I need a nap!

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