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I kept my word and we stayed in town last weekend after being on the road for the last several weekends. It was just what we needed.

Friday we enjoyed our time at the pool. Saturday morning Libby "helped" me take our cat to the vet. She was so excited that someone was going to the doctor besides her! She asked what felt like 75 questions about Riley, the vet, the dogs (there at the same time we were) and on and on. It was funny to me that she was so inquisitive. Maybe she'll be a vet? Or maybe she's just really nosy?

After we got Riley home we changed clothes and packed our bags because we had an invitation to spend the afternoon on Lake Martin. Around here, we call it the Backwaters.

We met Coop and the Rutledges, loaded up the boat and hit the water.

Our first stop was a secluded sandbar.

Well, not that secluded. There were tons of boats along the sandbar. But it was a great spot, none-the-less!

We played, swam, weathered a rain shower and ate our lunch at this spot.

Then the adventure-seeker, Coop, decided it was time to try out a rope swing she'd found a few weeks before.

(Notice she was the only one from our group to try this!) She climbed up the tree and off she went...

She came to the surface in one piece and we all cheered!

After her brave jump we rode around the lake some more, visited a few friends and even swam in a pool with a dog. Yes we did. It was a fun time with friends. Thanks, Coop, for a great afternoon!

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  1. Looks like a blast, you gotta LOVE the river!! :)

    Soo ready to get there this weekend, I'm needing some serious sun and sand!



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