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6:45 AM

Hi all, I hope your week is going well. I have been playing the role of nurse to my husband who had surgery last Friday. If you know me, then you might laugh at me having to be nice, patient and non-sarcastic for a four-day period. Talk about hard work!

Drew had out-patient surgery to repair his Deviated Septum. Or if you are the medical type, Septoplasty. We had to arrive at the hospital by 6:30 am on my day off.  We were really lucky -- Drew was called back very quickly, like within 30 minutes of our arrival. Impressive! Once he was prepped for surgery (snazzy surgical cap and all) we got to go back and see him. We waited a while in this area, but once the anesthesiologist and doctor briefed us, it was go time. From the time they wheeled him off until the doctor came out to tell us he was out of surgery took around 50 minutes. A little more waiting and then we were allowed to join Drew in the recovery area.

If you're not familiar with this surgical procedure, let me tell you, it's not glamourous. It was invasive and gross at times. However, we're told that this will change Drew's once-limited breathing and terrible allergies for good.

Once released Friday afternoon, we got Drew home and settled. The couch was his bed for the next few days. I fetched water and pills and food. I fluffed pillows and got extra blankets. I was a modern-day Clara Barton!

And I have to admit there were some perks. We had some food dropped off and check out this home made peach pie. Yum!

 Our parents were AWESOME and kept Libby entertained while Drew was recovering. She had so much fun spending time with both sets of grandparents. I made a trip the library to get Libby some books to keep her busy when she was at our house.

She loves to read and the books did keep her occupied for longer than I thought.

Drew is doing great! He was a trooper and is back to work, with limited activity, already. We're both glad the worst is over and I'm really proud of him for facing this surgery. I have faith it will change the way he feels for the better.

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  1. I'm sure you were a great nurse! If Gavin can be a good nurse, I know you can. Glad Drew is up and at 'em again.

  2. You have earned a jewel in your crown Nurse B! :)
    Hope the surgery has brought mucho relief!

  3. I just LoVe perusing your blog...always wonderful photos and great commentary!

  4. Does Libby have any Bernstein Bears books?

  5. I am soooo jealous! I would love to have that surgery! Woo Hoo from one allergy sufferer to another :)


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