Truths of a Photo Shoot

3:30 PM

Remember I mentioned a photo shoot with the girls in my last post? I told my sister-in-law that I wanted to take some pictures of Libby and Cayden, 3-years-old and 15-months, respectively.

One morning before hitting the beach, I rounded up my subjects and started shooting.

Quite precious, if I'm allowed to compliment on my own family!

But don't let this one shot fool you, here's what really happened...

The little one kept going for walks.

Even hand-holding tricks didn't work.

Then the big one started jumping and skipping

Then she took off for a quick jog. Come back!

And then they were both gone.

So I relocated them to this pretty gate with vines. Can't you tell how much Cayden liked this spot? 

Then the shoot was over.

Thankfully, I did end up with a few shots that were keepers.

Please make me feel better and share your child-wrangling-while-taking-pictures tips with me. I'm open to any advice you have!

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  1. None of my tricks work!! I just need to improve my Photoshop skills! :) Candy does help, but not always...

  2. Awwwwwwwwww! I want to eat the little one right up. Yours is such a little lady too. Beeeeth....I want one! Did I just say that?

  3. Oh girl! I've learned...they will do what they want too!! They run the show! :) But I do have to agree, they are both absolutely precious!

  4. With my own kids nothing works! With paying clients I always seem to get them to cooperate! I always tell kids to look for themselves in the lens. Sometimes that works.


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