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Hey there! Life's been busy and I've been away from the blog -- but I'm back. We stuck close to home this weekend. I enjoyed my last Friday off of work for the summer. I didn't do anything special, just hung around the house, hit the grocery store and played with Libby. A pretty good way to wrap up our summer.

Have I told you how funny Libby is these days? Oh my, she's is a hot mess. I was gone for a few hours Saturday. When I got back Drew said, "Have you seen Libby's new dance?" I said I hadn't. He shot some video on his phone because he was both amused and alarmed at her latest dance moves.

He said, "I'm not sure...is this bad?" Then he rolled the video. At first, I laughed, then I said, "Oh dear!"

The next morning I asked her about her new dance. She said, "Yea, I dance like Donald Duck." We both let out laughs of relief. Relief that our child was not practicing 'naughty' dance moves.

For the record, the dance goes like this:

You could see our concern with the booty hiked in the air. But it's all good, she was just shaking and waddling like Donald. Whew!


And these shots are just freebies. This girl loves her daddy!

Hope your week is going well. Get out there and shake your tail feather like Donald and Libby!

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  1. How precious! Miss Libby has got more moves that many adults - be proud! :)

  2. Oh Beth dont tell a story. You know she got that dance from you!

  3. Umm that girl should be dancing ;) Ballet just started!!


  4. haha!! Love this!! I've checked out of the blog world totally- no writing, no reading so this made me smile big, and now I'm motivated to catch up on all my reading :)


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