Mowers and Weekend Fun

11:00 AM

Last Saturday I was downstairs doing something motherly - folding laundry, cleaning, checking Facebook - who knows? I went upstairs to check on Libby and this is how I found her:

Quietly staring out the window in her bedroom. She wasn't in time out, she did this on her own.

So the conversation began: "Hey, Lib, what 'cha doing?" She happily explained that she was watching Mr. Ricky mow the lawn. (Which, by the way wasn't Mr. Ricky, it was Mr. Bill. But since we have one neighbor named Mr. Ricky, they are all Mr. Ricky.)

I said, "You are?" She said, "Yea, he's on his John Deere."

Mr. Bill was indeed riding a John Deere mower. Wow, she was captivated by a riding lawn mower of all things? Amazing! It was humorous and precious at the same time. I really love this stage, I honestly never know what she is going to do or say.


Sunday evening we had Drew's family over to swim. Libby got to show off her swimming and diving board-jumping skills. It never gets old (to her, anyway!) Maybe a little old if you're the one treading water in the deep end waiting to catch her!

The cousins played while waiting for dinner.

Yes, Cayden is eating chalk, guess she was hungry. Thankfully she got some real food shortly after. We served chicken kabobs and snapper caught on a recent trip to Apalachicola.

Everyone cleaned their plates. The girls got a cupcake for being good eaters. I strongly suggest not getting in between these two and their cupcakes - serious business!

We had a nice weekend and I am thankful for all the little moments that I get with Libby. If you are in need of entertainment, raise a child. ;)

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  1. That Libby is too precious! Guess the whole John Deere lover runs in the family?


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