Moments of Joy

10:00 AM

Sunday mornings are usually hectic around our house. It's kind of ironic that the one day we should be calm and reverent, we're yelling, "For the last time...get up!" (to Drew, not Libby, because she's most likely been up since 7 am) "Get your shoes, hurry up, stop chasing the cat, let's go!" It's certainly the worldly stress causing us to act that way.

Last Sunday we were actually ready to go on time. A miracle, indeed. I thought Libby looked very cute, so I grabbed my camera and we walked outside. I didn't instruct her to "do" anything. Just pointed her towards the yard and started shooting.

She's been carrying her little, white Bible around with her all week. I've found her pretending to read to her classmates, Ella and Jase numerous times. When I walk in she usually asks me to leave. (Can't I hear the Word, too? Lord knows I need it.)

So the Bible is in all of the shots.

 Kathryn, do you remember giving this dress to Libby last year for her birthday? We love it!

So I am thankful that I have a happy, healthy, dramatic child. I am thankful I stopped to savor this precious moment with Libby. I'm happy I didn't muck up Sunday morning...this week.

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  1. She is so cute, especially with the little Bible- a blessing for sure!

  2. I totally remember giving her that dress! I love love love how cute it looks on her. Rock it LIbby! You are too adorable!


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