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10:00 AM

Can anyone tell me why weekends seems to sneak away so quickly? Hmm, a mystery, indeed.

This weekend there was plenty to keep us busy. We had two parties in two days. It was like looking back to a younger, less-tired version of ourselves!

Friday night we celebrated our friend, Cameron's, 30th birthday. He wife and family worked out all the details and he was actually very surprised. Drew and I have known Cam a long time, so it was fun to celebrate this milestone with him and lots of our friends.

Libby spent the evening with Papa - Mimi was spending the week in Colorado with my brother. I have to admit, I was worried that she might be strong-willed (wasn't that a nice way to put it?) for him. But she got a glowing report. They had a dinner-date at Chick-fil-a and they had a ball. I was proud of them both! Thank you, Papa!

Saturday morning I found Libby playing like this. I asked her, "Why are you wearing those heels?" She responded "So I can reach my chalk board." Oh, right, why didn't I know that?

Then the posing commenced.

I finally talked her into taking them off because they posed such a hazard when she walked.  Besides, they were a bit dressy for cotton shorts and a t-shirt.

Saturday night we headed out again. This time to an engagement party for our friends, Heath and Amanda. They plan to wed in June, so we got together to kick off the wedding festivities.

We had SO MUCH FUN with all of our friends!

Oh, and there was lots of dancing! The Tag Williams Band played and the dance floor was hopping.

Drew and I love Amanda and Heath. They're so much fun and we enjoy their friendship. Best wishes to you both! And thanks for throwing such a great party. :)

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  1. I really like those heels Beth!! Very cute!

  2. Miss Libby is quite innovative and resourceful! :) Super cute, too!

  3. Good morning from Los Angeles!

    What a sweet little girl! Libby is such a doll trotting around in your heels. Glad to have "found" your blog!




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