Phoning in Summer

6:13 AM

I was scrolling through pictures on my phone last week and realized that it did a great job of recapping the last few months of summer fun.

We started off June with swimming lessons with Ms. Jenny. Libby has been fish-like all summer. I am so pleased with her swimming skills.

And we swam a lot!

What? You don't wear boots with your bikini?

On our way to a day-trip to Callaway Garden with friends.

Libby loved playing in her fort/swing set out at the farm. (Notice how high it is? Eeeks! She loves it!)

We both enjoyed time together on Fridays over the summer. Screaming child + couch cushions = quality time.

And trips...

To the beach (with stops at Chick-fil-a in Dothan for ice cream)

Family time

And fun in Apalachicola

 Look at this cute tumbler that one of my students made me. Yes, made. (Shameless plug time: if you're local get yours at Stitches and Ink.) It makes drinking water at my desk fun. Well, more fun that drinking it out of a bottle.

And Drew got his own present. A shark week koozie (thanks, Kerri!) to celebrate one of his favorite series on TV.

And look at this pretty little girl. Right after this picture she was so bad in the car. Good thing she's cute!

What fun we've had! I love my big camera, but I'll certainly use my camera phone more often after this trip down memory lane.

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  1. Wonderful post! (and I am not just saying that since you linked to me!) I have been scrolling through my phone photos during countless (boring) meetings this week and reviewing the fabulous summer that is a great way to relive summer fun at a glance!

  2. The phone pics are, without a doubt, the storybook of who we are. You should see all of the little league pics in Heather's and my phone. Cool post, Beth.


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