August Already?

7:00 AM

I think we can all agree that the summer months have flown by. How can it be August already? It is and the last weekend of July was busy with activity.
Friday afternoon Libby and I attended her end-of-the-year party at daycare. Her teachers decorated the room and had balloons for all the kids. They even made special snacks.

After the kids polished off the food, it was piñata time!

Meet Fernando the Bull. Cute!



Brooks, Libby and Ella. They've been together since they were babies.

Libby has had WONDERFUL teachers this. We have been blessed!

Libby is continually talking about Ms. Susan and Ms. Mary. She has learned so much this year.

She looks up to them so much. We'll miss them both!

Friday night we went to a splash party hosted by the children's department at our church. Libby slid, splashed and swam for over two hours. She had a ball!

She even went down the "big kids'" slide.

I was scared. She was thrilled!

Saturday afternoon we hit the water again. Our friends Brett, Jeremiah, Margaret and Sawyer joined us to swim.

Look at these two. Funny faces!

Libby and Saywer swam 'til the sun went down.

It was a good and extremely hot weekend. Being in the water was about the only way you could stay outside. And that's just what we did.

Be back later in the week with more summer pictures to share.

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