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2:00 PM

This weekend we had some good laughs. We attended a Halloween party that our friends host each year. Everyone brings their A-Game when costume planning, so I couldn't wait to see the results.

Have you met the cheer squad? Drew and I were cheerleaders and we brought the spirit! Go team!

Our friends Gabe and Beth earned my vote for most creative costume. They were Toomer's Corner and the infamous Harvey Updyke. Mr. Updyke was the man responsible for poisoning the iconic tree in Auburn, AL this year.

My friend, Coop, who is normally Miss Conservative took a whole new direction. She was a Hooter's girl. Such a funny costume!

 Other entertaining costumes from the night:

And the party wouldn't be complete without my cheer partner and I doing some stunts. Of course the Hooter's Girl was up for the challenge!

Needless to say we laughed a lot and had a great time. I hope our kids have as much fun as we did dressing up! Happy Halloween, friends!

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  1. Wonderful as always, and Coop is definitely ready for a new career!! Awesome! :)

  2. Love the pictures! You and Drew rocked the cheer uniforms....but Beth and Gabe stole the show for me!

  3. Creative costumes! Love the Toomer's oak!


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