Pumpkin Art

3:45 PM

I've seen so many cute decorated pumpkins around town and on the Internet this fall that I was inspired to join in the fun. I'll be honest, I leaned towards painting pumpkins because it seems easier and less messy than carving them.

While Libby was napping, I set up the supplies.

Once she was awake, I told her what we were going to do. She was excited to get started!

The rules were, well, there were no rules. I told her she could paint her pumpkin however she wanted. And boy did she paint!

Drew and I painted pumpkins, too. It was really fun and easy. Drew and Libby were such good painters. Look at their concentration.

Here are some of the final products. They turned out very cute and unique. They're on display on our front porch and will greet treat-or-treaters next week.

We'll certainly do this little project again next year. Libby was entertained for almost an hour and she was very proud of her work.

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  1. Oh that's such a cute idea. I love the polka dot & striped pumpkins!

  2. Super cute! We need a picture of all of them!


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