Thankful Thursdays

6:00 AM

Happy Thanksgiving on this last Thankful Thursday of the month! I hope the week leading up to this holiday has been good for you. Mine has been full of eating. I saw the scale in my bathroom this morning and refused to make eye contact. I figure it can't be good, so for today, I will choose denial. Tomorrow, I will pledge to burn calories and not scoop gooey, delicious casseroles onto my plate! But that's tomorrow - today it's fair game!

I debated what exactly to be thankful for this week. I've covered family, friends and my home so far. But there's just so many more things to be thankful for. Mine and my family's health, our jobs, our relationships with Christ, my really fluffy, warm bed - well, you get the idea. I AM BLESSED BEYOND MEASURE.

So this Thursdays I am thankful for this blog and what it means to me. I enjoy documenting our lives. Every time I share pictures and stories, I am expressing my love and excitement for all the things in my life that are special and important.
I've also met so many people through the blog world that I don't know other than from reading their blog and them reading mine. Very cool!

I also am able to keep up with so many people that I probably wouldn't otherwise. It happens every few weeks, someone out of the blue tells me they read the blog. I am usually surprised, but always excited when they tell me they are a reader. So thank you to all who check in periodically to keep up with the Parkmans. 

Happy Thanksgiving to you, friends!

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  1. Ditto. I'm relatively new to Blogging so I'm continually amazed at the community that we get to experience. It's been so wonderful to meet other girls, share in our lives together & cheer each other on. I love your space Beth and always look forward to reading about how God is blessing the Parkmans and how y'all are in-turn blessing others.

    Can't wait to hear all about your family Thanksgiving! And Roll Tide ;)

  2. I am thankful for your blog, too! :)


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