Thanksgiving Fun

10:30 AM

Thanksgiving week has come and gone and we survived! It was fun, relaxing, exhausting and delicious all rolled into one. We spent time with family, I finally saw the movie The Help (a must see if you haven't yet), put up our Christmas tree, decorated the entire house, snuck in a few hours of Christmas shopping and went to the Iron Bowl.

We started the week celebrating with my parents Monday night since they were headed out of town on Wednesday. We had a great meal and enjoyed our time together.

Wednesday night we stayed at the farm with Drew's family so he could wake up early and hunt. Libby thought it was so neat to get to sleep in the room her daddy grew up in. She had lots of questions about "when Daddy was a boy".

Thursday morning we enjoyed breakfast, watched the Macy's Thanksgiving parade and looked forward to a big, family lunch. Libby was ready for an exciting day!

As usual, lunch at Mot's (Drew's grandmother) did not disappoint. There was a house FULL of family and so much good food. The younger cousins played and played. Cousin Elizabeth (center) even made this Thanksgiving vest for Libby. She loved it!

After lunch wrapped up, a big group of the family took a walk on the farm down to David and Nona's house to check out the the play set. The kids climbed and slid and swung for almost an hour. It was fun to spend the afternoon together.

It was a really good holiday. I wouldn't change a thing...well, maybe I should have squeezed more naps in, maybe next time.

I'll be back soon with updates on our trip to the Iron Bowl. Spoiler Alert: I left the game a happy fan!

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  1. Good morning from L.A.!

    What a wonderful family you have, Beth, and beautiful, too! It must have been such a treat to celebrate Thanksgiving with each of them. My favorite part of this post had to be Libby's "when Daddy was a boy" questions. What great stories they must have brought to mind~and what a time to share them.

    I'm glad to hear you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Take care and happy Monday...



  2. Oh Beth that picture of you & Libby is just gorgeous. Wow, sounds like y'all had a wonderful Holiday weekend together!


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