Iron Bowl 2011

12:20 PM

Last Saturday we traveled to Auburn, AL to enjoy the Iron Bowl. We arrived around lunch time to tailgate with some of Drew's family on his mom's side. They had a great spot, room for Libby to run free and lots of food.

We weren't too far from the start of the Tiger Walk, so Drew, Libby and I walked the few blocks to see the action. This was Libby's first experience at the Tiger Walk and Drew was excited to see her reaction. As soon as we arrived to the spot, we found some friends of ours.

Libby and Anna Grace with their daddies.

Libby played along and watched the players pass by. But she asked more than once, "Where's Aubie?" If you'll remember from a previous post, Aubie is her number one concern on Auburn game days, everything else falls in order behind that. I'm sorry to report that Aubie must have been on other end of the Tiger Walk because we didn't see him. However, she was a good sport and took in all the Auburn fanfare.

When it wrapped up, we hoofed it back to the tailgate spot and it was time to eat. And eat we did.

Rib: 0 Libby: 1

Drew and I went into the game and left Libby with Drew's parents. We worried that she wouldn't understand why she couldn't go in the game. Boy were we wrong. One of the relatives had an RV - which Libby called the "Auburn bus" - nothing, not even box seats in the stadium would have compared in her opinion. She loved going in and out of the RV, crawling on the couch and the bed. And her favorite spot of all? The tiny bathroom. She went FOUR times before kick-off. (I'm not kidding, folks!)

This is the only shot of the three of us. Look at Libby's face...child is nuts.

If you watched the game, then you already know that Alabama kept the lead for the entire game. There were moments that scared me when Auburn would break for a touch down, but when it was over, Bama proved they were the better team this year.

And the game wouldn't be complete without a trip to visit Coop.

We landed some face time on the jumbo tron. Can you believe it? They allowed an Alabama fan on their big screen? Thanks, HD Camera guys!
It was a great game (for me) and Drew, the Auburn fan, was a great sport, as usual.

Now we'll just have to wait and see what if Alabama will play in the BCS Championship game. Only time will tell.

Roll Tide! Trent for Heisman!

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  1. I saw you on the jumbo tron! I happened to look up at it just in time. I told Beth "Look there's Beth and Courtney." To which someone next to us said, "You know Courtney?" They ended up being from Phenix City too!
    Alabama was definitely the better team this year, but I'll still be pulling for the Tigers (LSU) in January:)

  2. You are such a good sport, Beth!
    When we had Big Winnie (the Winnebago) the boys liked it better than any playground, and yes, they LOVED the bathroom!
    Anna Grace looks just like her Mama! What cuties she and Miss Libby are! :) RTR!


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