It's Almost Christmas!

2:46 PM

What a week it's been! My calendar has been full of Christmas-related activities. Thankfully it all flowed smoothly and has been fun, not stressful.

First up was Ugly Christmas Sweater Bunco. This year's outfits didn't disappoint! The girls brought their finest, ehmm, tackiest, Christmas wear. We enjoyed dinner and our annual ornament swap.

A few days later Libby got to wear pajamas to school to watch Polar Express. On the way to school that morning of she was telling me she was going to watch a movie and eat treats - she was so excited!

After dropping her off at school, I met a group of my students to work at a local mission-based organization. The scholarship students worked a shift with Valley Rescue Mission at their Christmas toy shop. We did all types of jobs from stocking the shelves to assisting men and women (some in financial need, some in rehab programs) shop for their children.

 I organize some type of service project each semester for the students so they can see that there's more to life than college classes, boyfriends/girlfriends and texting. But I must admit, working with this organization really got to me this time. The guidelines for shopping were strict but the employees showed each client love and support. I really needed to see that and I left with a heart full of gratitude for what I have and for organizations like Valley Rescue that reach out to people in need.

It was a great day and I work with a great group of students!

Saturday morning I got to visit with my friend, Mandy, who lives in Orange Beach, AL. She was in town visiting family and made time to get together with me and our friend, Heather. All the kids played while we caught up.

These are the best pictures I could get. I'm sure this won't impress Mandy since she is a photographer by trade! Oh well, they're cute and we tried.

Mandy's babies, Lydia and Eli.

Bence, Brandt and Libby. Bence decided a shirt was not necessary for the group photo.

It was great to catch up with my long-time friends and trade parenting stories. It's hard to believe we aren't teenagers anymore, but raising kids of our own.

It was a fun week and I'm looking forward to squeezing in a few more Christmas activities before the holiday wraps up. Be back soon with more Christmas pictures. 

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  1. You have such a fun social life! Where do you get the energy??? :) Of course you are 7 years younger than me...
    P.S. Saw your Christmas Card LIVE and in person at Dr. T's office this morning - PRECIOUS! :)

  2. Kerri, that makes me laugh because I feel like I have no energy at all! And yes, I'm sure it's the 7 years of youth I have on you. ;)

    And that's funny about the Christmas card. I love Dr. T and her staff.

  3. You have such a huge heart to go out and help in such a busy time!! You should be proud of yourself!! What a role model to Libby!! I know how rewarding it is to give back, especially this time of year!!


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