The Merry Christmas Card

7:30 AM

December calls for a long list of things that have to be done. Well, they really don't have to, but if you live on this planet, you certainly feel pressure to get it all done.

One item on my Things to do in December list that I enjoy (but dread) is choosing the perfect Christmas card. Each November I start to think, "What will I do this year?" Then, with no warning December sneaks up on me. Hit the panic button!

This year I received my first Christmas card on December 1st. (Darn you, you over-achieving parent!) Just the motivation I needed to get started.

Since you read this blog you know that I take pictures all the time. But I didn't have a favorite from the year so I decided to take some of Libby specifically for this year's card.

And if you have kids or have ever attempted to take pictures of them then you know what I'm about to post. The out takes: the good, the funny, the plain silly.

This year's winner:

Merry Christmas from this cherub-faced little girl (who is really anything but demure and quiet.) Hey, I get to pick the picture and pretend she is the perfect child and we are perfect parents!

Good luck with your Christmas cards!

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  1. Good evening from L.A.!

    Oh my goodness, I blogged about this very thing earlier in the week. We Mamas do have a time of getting that perfect Christmas card picture, don't we? This said, I love your outakes as much as your chosen picture for the year. Libby is adorable with oodles of personality shining through! How lucky you are to have such a happy girl.

    Have a lovely weekend, Beth!




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