New Year, Big News!

9:34 AM

We had so much to keep us busy and happy during Christmas and the New Year. Time off of work, spending time with family and friends, cool gifts. But we had one more secret that kept us smiling over the holidays...

We have a baby on the way!

I am 18 weeks along and due in early June. Sound the nursery rhymes and grab the diapers and wipes - we're about to jump on the baby train again!

We find out in less than two weeks the sex of the baby. Until then, I keep going back and forth on what it will be. I have no gut feelings, no signs, no idea what this baby is. From what I can remember, I feel very similar to my first pregnancy. We'll just have to wait and see.

Libby is excited about expanding our family. She likes to hear how she'll be my helper and a big sister. I wonder if she'll keep up this enthusiasm when the (fragile, crying, needy) baby arrives. I have no doubt she'll love this baby, but will she dare share the spot light that shines on her so brightly?

We are excited to share our news and add a new personality to the blog!

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  1. so so happy for y'all! i'm thinking blue :-)

  2. So excited for you and your sweet family!! I'm sure Miss Libby will be a wonderful BIG Sister!!

  3. So glad you have FINALLY posted on this - it's official, now!!!! :)))

    Can't wait to journey along with you! :)

  4. Congratulations!! Love the photos of Libby.


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