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7:00 AM

 We are still letting the news of another girl settle in...and every day I get a little more excited! More girly clothes, bows and sisterly love, good stuff! By the way, the night of the reveal, my sister-in-law asked Libby, "So what do you want to name your baby sister?" Without hesitation, she answered, "Baby Mary." So she now refers to the baby as "Baby Mary". I guess I will, too.

Did I mention that Libby really, really wanted a brother? She did. She talked about her baby brother for at least three weeks leading up to the reveal. She had me totally convinced it was a boy. Why wouldn't it be? That's what my three-year-old had decided. Hence my shock Monday night. But, after the initial surprise, she seems to be taking the news of a sister well. And once she figures out how much she'll be able to boss a little sister around, she won't even remember wanting a brother!

Except maybe I should hide this picture?

We'd been to a baby shower for a friend Saturday. One of the hostesses insisted on sending these balloons home with Libby. :) I thought it might be a sign. I was WRONG.


Before all the gender excitement, we celebrated Drew's dad's birthday.

 Cake and ice cream? These two girls were excited!

Before dinner, there was a break in the rain. So we let them loose in this puddle.

That's what rain boots are for, right?

Hope you're week's been good. Looking forward to a nice weekend!

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  1. I think having 2 of the same sex is going to be great! I think of all of the wonderful girl friendships you have, and now Miss Libby will have the same - built right into her family! ;)

  2. Awww, Libby is so cute in her rain boots! You're right, once Libby realizes how much fun it is to boss a sister around, dress her up, share secrets, play with dolls & have an instant best friend for life, she's going to be thrilled to pieces with who God blessed her with :) Lucky girl!

    Hope y'all have a terrific weekend!

  3. Love love love love LOVE the photos of the girls in their rain boots. You are such a great photographer Beth!


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