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Welcome to February! January was a long, busy month. Anyone agree?

We've had an odd mixture of weather recently: lots of rain, cold some days, warm some days and more rain. Hmm. So what's a mom to do when she doesn't know what to do? She buys bathing suits, of course!

I was in Target last week (still January) when I spotted racks and racks of bikinis in the ladies' section. I rolled my eyes because when all the young, thin chics are pulling out their swimwear in May, I'll be 8 months pregnant. No worries, I just veered my cart to the kids' section. I bought Libby two new suits for the summer. I don't have to worry how much my tummy expands, she'll look great!

I picked up this sporty bikini.

And this bright one-piece.

Bring on the warm weather!

I walked in mid-conversation last week as Drew and Libby were discussing when we could go to the beach. I think all the cold and rainy weather is getting to them.

Libby's friend Allie came over to play Friday night. Remember the dress up box Mimi gave Libby last Christmas? They pulled it out and this is how they chose to express themselves.

 Saturday morning Libby selected this ensemble for yard work.

Sporty? Yes. Warm? Yes. Bat in case a baseball game breaks out in the back yard? Yes.

Here's to hoping February is kind to us all!

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  1. I've got the fever, too! Bring on Spring!!

    Cute pics :)

  2. All the daffodils are blooming here and it makes me think spring! Cute bathing suits for Libby! She looks so TALL to me!

  3. haha! Those pics of the girls making funny faces just tickles me to death.

    And hey, don't give up on the bikini. Nothing's cuter than a preggers Mama & her cute baby bump in a bikini! Besides you have a terrific figure!


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