Girls Night Out

11:27 AM

This weekend Libby attended her first hockey game. We are lucky enough to have a professional team in town, the Columbus Cottonmouths. I've been to several games over the years, but this was Libby's first trip.

Kelly, my friend from work, graciously offered to take us to the game. Friday night, Libby, Kelly, another co-worker, Brook and I met for dinner and then headed to the game.

Libby seemed to take to the action pretty quickly.

Our seats were right behind the penalty box and across from the home team. Go snakes, go!

The game was exciting, but let's be honest, our favorite part was the fights!

There were several scuffles, but one BIG brawl broke out. Helmets off, gloves thrown down, sticks tossed to the side. This was a good, old-fashioned fight!

 The fights lead to A LOT of questions from Libby. She wanted to know why they were fighting, what they were doing and why both players had to go to time out - a.k.a. the penalty box. Because if you didn't know, time out is a concept most three-year-olds can relate to.

She did take a break from asking questions to get her face painted and pick out a treat from the concession stand.

But don't think she forgot about the fights. She told everyone for the next two days,"We went to the hockey game and those boys had to go to time out!"

It was an entertaing night! I had fun with the girls and Libby enjoyed her first experience at the snake pit.

The Cottonmouths won the game and the night was a sucess! Thanks, Kelly and Brook for a great night out!

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  1. We went to a hockey game on a field trip a few years back and I was sure that since the place was full of kids they wouldn't fight. Boy was I wrong! Within the first few minutes of the game a huge fight broke out. It was seriously the biggest fight I have ever seen at a hockey game! Of course, the kids (and I) loved it!

  2. Haha! I love it. Hockey players in a time out - sound about right to me :)

  3. The thing kids think and say are priceless! That is to cute. Glad yal had a lot of fun.

  4. How fun! :)
    In a somewhat related, but not really, note...I read in an organizing book how you can have a penalty box at home, and when toys are not put away, you can put them in the penalty box for a time period to help the kids learn to pick up! I have tried it with some success.


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