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Hi all! I think know pregnancy does strange things to your mind. You agree? I have a To Do list a mile long. - I need to get the nursery set up for the (name less) baby. I need to finish converting Libby's room to a big girl room. I need to select bedding, wall art and accessories for both rooms. We've also go to get through the next few, busy months which for my family includes beaucoup birthdays, Easter, wedding and baby showers and a family wedding. Not to mention focus on getting through the rest of my pregnancy healthy! But you know what I have been thinking about instead of all this other stuff? Strawberries and lemons. 

My MIL bought Libby a strawberry plant last weekend. It's actually in a hanging basket. This is pretty cool because we love strawberries. I've had to Google how to take care of it because I had no clue.

This is what I know so far: it needs 6 to 8 hours of sunlight and a fair amount of water to thrive. We shall see how it goes.

Then I saw this post where a blogger talks about her lemon tree blooming. The post left me thinking, "I need a lemon tree!" I'm pretty sure I don't need a lemon tree. But isn't it pretty? So colorful. And I love lemons in so many different food and drinks.

So be honest, is wanting a lemon tree strange? Does it make me sound old? Should I go out and get a tree? Even when I should be washing and folding clothes for a newborn. Probably so.

Those are my thoughts today. Stay tuned for the next {sporadic} installment...

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  1. We have two lemon trees and I love them. It's so nice to go grab lemons for my salad dressing and to make yummy treats. I say get one. From your newest follower.

  2. I've always wanted a lemon tree but didn't think they would grow well in my region of the south. I've heard they're pretty finicky to any cold temps.

    I can't wait to see how Libby's strawberries grow! And keep us posted on the lemon tree!

  3. We had a lemon tree when I was a kid! The lemons were small, but it was fun to grow them. I might have to look into getting one, too! :)

  4. I totally think you should get a lemon tree. Why not? Maybe you can grow it in a large pot so you can move it around if you need to? It would be great to have fresh lemons on hand!


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