March Madness

10:02 AM

The month of March has been lightening-fast for our family! How are we already at the END of the month? We've been busy all week, every week. Working late, church activities, meetings and more. Certainly makes the days fly by. We escaped for a beach adventure this weekend. Pictures to come soon.

Included in this busy month was school picture day at Libby's day care. Look at this precious girl. I grabbed my camera and told her practice her smile. She did.

Then she said, "Now I get to make my silly face." And she did.

Hold on to your hats and get ready for April. It's going to be even more busy than March...scary! But I'm thankful spring is here and we get the chance to do so many fun things. Have a great week!

P.S. If you need a blessing, please click here to follow my friend Meredith and her family. They are in China right now meeting their precious son, Sam. I get excited and teary-eyed with every new post. The Curtis family is so sweet and I am blessed to have gotten to know them over the past two years. Even if you don't know them, I ask you pray for them to have a safe trip home, all adoption-related work go smoothly and an easy transition for baby Sam as he starts a new life in the United States.

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  1. I know the beach was wonderful and glad yal had a great time.
    Doesnt she just look so precious!!!
    HOw awesome on your friend will have to check them out and have them in my prayers. Have a wonderful week

  2. Libby is such a beautiful, happy girl! I love those pictures of her.

    Absolutely adding your friend Meredith to our family's prayer list. Congratulations to them on their adoption of sweet Sam and many blessings!

    Also, I love the name of Meredith's blog. With Six You Get Eggroll is by far my fave Doris Day movie!! How cute :)

  3. March has definitely flown by! Why is it that spring is the busiest time? Next month is full for us with 2 weddings, 3 trips out of town, and a 5K! Whew! Guess April will fly by too!

  4. What a blessing - and what a coincidence - my friend Brooke is in Ethiopia meeting her new baby son!!
    I can't quit crying about it. I am such a nerd like that. :)


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