Gulf Coast Getaway

8:00 AM

Last weekend Drew, Libby and I hit Panama City Beach for the weekend.

It was lovely. The weather was picture-perfect - temps around 78, cool breezes and lots of sunshine. Ahh!

Libby is so easy now at the beach. She plays and plays and plays. She requested to be buried.

Helped Drew fish.

Scooped sand and sorted shells. She had a ball!

I admitted to Drew that I can't believe we're "starting over" with another baby. This trip was just too easy. One bag each, no special baby gear needed. But I know it'll be exciting to raise two beach babes! And in a year or so, Libby will have a built in playmate on the beach.

She was so exhausted Saturday after playing all day that she crashed around 7pm and didn't wake up until 7 am. So Drew and I enjoyed dinner grilled on the porch and an awesome sunset.

Now that, my friends, is just about perfection! Even though it was a quick trip, I am thankful for the precious time with my family. Did I mention I LOVE the beach? 'Cause I do!

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  1. Looks like an amazing weekend away!!

  2. Oh gosh, that looks heavenly. Everybody I know is heading to the beach soon or just got back from a Spring Break vacation. I'm so jealous!!!

    I'm so glad y'all got to take a fun, relaxing trip together before the baby arrives.

  3. Libby is such a little doll and it looks like y'all had an awesome trip!!

  4. What heaven! I can't wait to get down there!!

  5. We went to the beach this weekend and I think we're going to need an SUV- I Would love a 4 runner and I see it in our future because the camry's trunk was full with all of Caleb's stuff. We take half the house with us now. LOL


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