Petit Fours and Toms

7:09 AM

Hello there! It's a new week (already?) and we had another busy weekend. Libby and I helped host a bridal shower this weekend for Drew's first cousin, Michael. Actually for his bride-to-be, Whitney. It was such a nice afternoon - picture-perfect weather. My Mother-in-law opened the doors to the porch, had a lovely spread of food and we welcomed a great group of guests. Whitney got some lovely gifts and it was a nice party, if I might say so!

Libby had a good time, too. She was dying to taste the "little cakes".

I made her wait until the shower started. I believe it was worth the wait!

In absolutely, positively non-related news, Libby got new Toms.

Red, just like mine! I plan to have some mother/daughter twin moments this spring and summer.

The toddler version is just too cute! I am on the look out for a pink pair. Maybe for her birthday.

And thanks for your feedback on the lemon trees. I got several comments and e-mails with tips on what will grow in my region. I've even got Drew involved. I'll keep you posted if we break ground for lemon trees.

Hope it's a great week!

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  1. I love my Toms wedges, but you're right - the pairs for kids are the absolute cutest. I love Libby's red pair!

  2. Love Libby's Toms!!


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