Island Wedding

2:30 PM

The last weekend of April, we loaded up the car and headed east to the Atlantic Coast. St. Simons Island, GA. to be exact. This was a new adventure for us. Being so close to the Gulf of Mexico, neither Drew nor I had ever been to Georgia's east coast.

We made the trip for a family wedding. Drew's cousin, Michael, was getting married and Drew was the best man in the ceremony.  We took Friday off of work and left town Thursday afternoon so we could enjoy a long, beach weekend.

We arrived late Thursday evening, checked in the hotel and crashed. Friday morning we were up and at 'em. We had breakfast near the Pier with Drew's family and then it was time to hit the beach.

It doesn't matter what coast we're on, Libby is content as long as there is sand and beach toys.

Friday evening after the wedding rehearsal, we attended the Rehearsal Dinner and Welcome Party with lots of extended family and friends of the bride and groom.

And some of us were pretty darn cute!

Saturday we logged another day on the beach. Even preggo worked on her tan!

Then we headed in to get ready for the big event - the wedding.

Michael and Whitney were married in a beautiful, outdoor ceremony at The Lighthouse on the island.

There was a cocktail hour following the wedding.

Then it was time to party at the reception. It was held in the same area at the Lighthouse Museum. After a great dinner, it was time to celebrate and dance.

And Libby did just that. She danced with her granddad, her cousins, even drug me out on the dance floor. What? Pregnant ladies can't dance? The band, 1st Generation out of Atlanta, was great!

It was a fun night, a beautiful wedding and great weekend full of memories with our family. After strolling the Village Sunday, we headed back home after a long, tiring weekend. I'm glad we were able to make the trip (it will be my last long-distance trip until the baby arrives) and be a part of such a great weekend! Congratulations, Mike and Whitney! Here's to years and years of a wonderful marriage!

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  1. We always stay on St Simon's during the weekend of the Cocktail Party game every Fall. It's a heavenly place!

    As always little Miss Libby steals the show. She is so photogenic!

    You're looking gorgeous as ever Beth. Thinking of you as you & baby make it through the home stretch :)

  2. I have been up in that lighthouse....years ago...with a dreadful person... :) but still, Love St. Simons!
    Of course, the beach canNOT compare with the Gulf of Mexico, but still, lovely. :) The only good thing about the GA and SC beaches is that you can easily roll strollers and other wheeled necessities on that flat sand.

  3. Hi

    I am Leigh, and popping over from Ally's blog. Nice to meet you. My daughter is 2. She's Liza, and my husband's co-worker also had an Elizabeth two days after Liza was born, and they call her Libby.

    Look forward to following your adventures. I also have a son who is six. Congrats on number 2.

  4. Precious, precious family!! And...I adore Miss Libby's bathing suit! It's so cute and the monogram is so unique (I might just have to borrow the idea)! :)


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