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Seems like each post lately I have mentioned being busy. The month of April was a marathon of making it from event to event. I must say it was fun, but certainly a lot of work to get it all done!

The weekend of Libby's party and one of my baby showers, my friend, Kathryn, came to visit. It was fun to have her around. We've been friends for 14 years now...wow!  She is one of my dearest friends. Libby was excited to have "KK" be our guest for the weekend!

The evening after Libby's friends party, we had our family over to grill and celebrate Libby's 4th birthday in a little more relaxed environment. We, along with Libby's grandparents, great grandmother, aunt and cousin and KK spent the evening in the back yard while Drew grilled and the girls played.

It was simple, family fun.

Libby also got to open the rest of her presents. And let me warn you, there were lots of them!

No present was safe!

She got some cool toys and great summer clothes (my favorite!) I swear I picked up wrapping paper and tissue paper for the next two days. It was a great weekend and I only wish I had more time with Kathryn and our family.


Also, my pregnant friends have had a busy week. Two friends, Jill and Jill, both welcomed their bundles of joy this week. You can imagine how jealous I am that they left me behind, all pregnant and tired! Jill H. delivered a baby boy, Owen, Thursday and Jill P. delivered a baby girl, Blair, Saturday. Congratulations to both fellow mommies! I can't wait to join them both when I get to bring my tiny, newborn home. Congratulations, girls!

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  1. Girl you have seriouly have got ot slow down and rest. I know impossible right. You look great girl

  2. It was such a fun weekend! Can't wait to meet the newest Parkman addition next time I come down!

  3. How lucky Miss Libby is, and how cute cute cute!:)
    I am excited to see your new baby girl, too!

  4. Oh how I love that pink football!! Libby's gonna have a blast with that on Gamedays this Fall :)


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