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This post is long overdue. But hey, you have a baby and tell me how many things get done on time. I'll save you all that work and tell you some things will slip through the cracks.

However, I'm excited to share the results of a project that we started in early May. I mentioned in a previous post that we had a contractor come in and knock out a wall.

The wall was in between our den and formal living room. Though we never had anything formal in there, when built 30+ years ago, that was the plan.

Our plan was to get more open space. So the wall separating the two rooms had to come down. But only after making sure it could be done safely. It was a load-bearing wall. Libby's bedroom is right above the living room. The contractor constructed a mega thick, 14 inch beam to reinforce the ceiling.

After adding the trim, painting the walls and matching carpet to fill the gap it left, the project was complete.

The opening gives us lots of room to come and go through the living rooms and really opens up the space. I was surprised at how much more natural light it allows in the rooms now.

We are so pleased with the end result. Libby runs through the rooms all the time. She enjoys playing in the floor and spreading out all of her toys. It is very family-friendly now.

We're still in decorating mode, but it's off to a good start. I'll be wiggling furniture and adding pictures to the walls as we go.

I am happy we went ahead with this remodel. I wondered if we were crazy to do such a project when I was so pregnant. But all in all it went very smoothly and we love the finished space!

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  1. oooo I love the remodel! Great idea! I bet it feels like a new house all over again!

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