Wedding Bells

6:00 PM

What a week and weekend we've had. Miss Libby had the honor of being a part of her first wedding. She was a (BEAUTIFUL) flower girl in Drew's cousin's wedding.

I think Lauren made a fine selection of adorable flower girls, don't you?

The wedding was held in Opelika, AL and it was an event to be remembered. Beautiful church, beautiful bride, beautiful service.

Now I have to be honest, I was excited that Lauren and Michael asked us if Libby could be in the wedding, but I was worried about how things would actually play out the day of the wedding. If you remember the Christmas Program post then you know Libby can get shy and overwhelmed easily. So a wedding with hundreds of guests had me fretting over how she would react.

Over the course of the past few months we've had casual chats about how fun it would be to be in a wedding. Occasionally I'd get Libby excited about her big, fluffy dress. I tried to play up how special it was to be a flower girl. She always giggled and seemed excited. Once the ground work was laid, we moved on to Phase Two: bribery. Oh yes we did.

She's been wanting a bike for the last several months. And God must have known I needed a big nugget to dangle when I came across a bike that a friend on Facebook was selling...for $10. 

So with a bike to offer, I told Libby the week before the wedding that if she would go down the isle, cooperate and not freak out that she could have her very own bike. Her eyes sparkled like I've never seen before.

Did the bribe work?

You bet your tail it did! And that, is how you parent. She was precious, beautiful, hilarious and we were told over and over that she was "the star of the show".

No one was more relieved than I when the ceremony was over. She made it through the vows, songs and prayers. She didn't melt down, she didn't fall off the stage, she didn't trip and she didn't ruin the wedding. Hallelujah!

The reception was held at The Event Center in downtown Opelika.

There was lots of food, family and a good band.

But after a long day, this flower girl was worn slap out.

And the night before we had to rehearse for the big day.

 Congratulations, Lauren and Michael. We enjoyed celebrating this special occasion with you. Best wishes!

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  1. She is beautiful. What fun for her.

    Lovely family.

  2. Way to go Miss Libby - beautiful pictures!!

    Bribery and Motherhood go hand-in-hand my dear, we are all doing the best we can! ;)

  3. Miss Libby is just gorgeous!! I cannot get over how grown up she looks!?!? Seriously, time has got to slow down!

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