Early August

11:52 AM

This week we had more visitors drop by to see the girls. Ms. Madison stopped by to meet Georgia Kate and visit with me and Libby. We even got to enjoy a lunch date with her before she moves to Tuscaloosa this week. (Not sure why Libby is flashing money. She wasn't bribed to be in the picture.)

We also had a great visit with the Wilkersons. Presley and Libby have been in the same preschool class for the past two years and they are great friends.

Ms. Amy, Wyatt and Presley were so sweet with GK and she loved all the attention!

Georgia Kate is changing SO much every week. She is getting bigger and stronger.

Mom makes me do tummy time and I don't even complain.


Yep, all this growing and being strong wears a baby out!

And lastly one of our favorites, Coop, is back after an amazing trip. She spent 10 days living it up in Hawaii. She had an awesome trip, did all sorts of things like surfing and swimming with dolphins. I just hope I get to go on the next exciting adventure with her.

Welcome home, Coop!

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  1. Gk looks like Libby in that first tummy photo! So cute!
    The double Bb both HATED tummy time haha ;)

  2. GK is G to the O to the R to the G to the E to the O to the U to the S! got that ;)?!

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