Sparkley New Year

10:07 AM

This year, for the first time in many years, we spent New Year's Eve at home. At first I was disappointed. Drew and I rarely go out without our kids, so I was hoping to ring in the New Year at one of our favorite parties. But our night at home with the girls turned out to be just where I wanted to be. 

We ate dinner, then bundled up and headed outside. Drew surprised me with a fire pit for Christmas and we were ready to try it out. I'm not sure who was more eager - me or Libby?

Drew loaded up the fire wood and got a warm fire going. 

Then it was time for sparklers. Libby is afraid of the loud noises that most firecrackers make, but she LOVES sparklers.

I took these cool shots by using the "night portrait" setting on my camera. Very neat!

After she burned lots of sparklers, we settled in by the fire pit and roasted marshmallows. Baby sister was asleep inside. At one point I told Drew and Libby we had to share some of our favorite things from the past year. I started by saying, "One thing I loved this year was adding Georgia Kate to our family and Libby becoming a big sister." It didn't take long before we were all taking turns. Libby said some of the sweetest things and they were totally unprompted and from her heart. Some of her favorite things:

  • Going to the football game with KK and Mommy.
  • Going to the zoo
  • Saying her part in the play
  • Baby Jesus being born (yep, I think she thought it was Sunday School)
  • Playing at the beach 
  • Playing with my sister

I was shocked at how thoughtful and heart felt her responses were. Is my daughter four or 24? Hard to tell. I know I was fighting tears and Drew and I exchanged looks as she maturely reflected back on her busy year.

Once we got her in bed I fessed up to Drew that I thought I wanted to go out and socialize with friends, but I was lucky to be home to enjoy such a meaningful night with my little family.

Happy New Year to you and yours! I pray 2013 will be as much fun and full of wonderful experiences as 2012 was for us.  

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