Bad week? Good week!

12:04 PM

I am typing this post in a mid-week haze.This past week has been exhausting. Recovering from a cold, working late, squeezing in my workouts, baby with a stomach bug, losing sleep from Daylight Savings and we're only half way through the week. Serenity now!

But it's all okay. When I start to get overwhelmed, like so many working mommas do, I remember I have some great people to lean on. My husband, my mom, my Keurig and God's favor. Because let's get real, my worst and most tiring days are still pretty darn good. I have too many good things to even pretend I have a hard life. We can pay our bills, have plenty of food to eat, my bed is warm and comfy and (this is the best part) my gorgeous children.

Look at these girls...

They are so precious. Even if the older one would rather do it her way and the baby woke me up three times last night. They are happy, healthy and mine!

Bad week? Nah, not really!

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  1. Your positive attitude rocks! And is much appreciated :)

  2. 2 littles + career + household to run +life and such = NO JOKE!
    Why do you think I have clung so desperately to the Father in recent years?? LOL ;) which is a good outcome of the stress....


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