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A few weeks ago I mentioned my affinity for all things monogrammed. Many of you have the same love for wearing your initials, too. But did you know there are rules to follow when monogramming for yourself or when giving a gift? Leave it to us southerners to have a list of rules about proper etiquette on how and where to place letters. 

This article is featured in the March issue of Southern Living. Caroline McKenzie shared these Southern Charm Tips regarding monograms:

Bath Towels: First, last, middle for the user. So, yes, you may have more than one monogram in a shared bathroom.

Bedding: Traditionally the lady of the house uses her monogram: first, married and maiden, in that order. Also acceptable, using both the husband's and wife's first initials. Lady on left, gentleman on right, married in the center. (Don't worry about who sleeps on which side of the bed.)

Jewelry: Both first, middle and last and first, last, middle are acceptable combinations. Just stick to wearing only one monogrammed piece at a time.

Luggage: This is not the place for scrolling hard-to-read letters. Use either the person's last name or first, middle, last initials - both in block capital letters.  

Canvas Bags: Use the single initial of your last name that way the whole family can use the tote. 

Now you are armed with (probably useless) monogram knowledge. And if you're curious, all of these items would make great gifts for my home!

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  1. Love this! Though it kind of reminds me of our freshman fashion show in our sorority in college. ;)

  2. You failed to mention that sometimes, people want to see their unborn children's monograms before the baby is born so they can make sure they like the way it looks...yes, I get asked this question often.

  3. Thank you for keeping us informed on these important issues, Beth! ;-)


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