Cowgirl Up

3:36 PM

Yee Haw! Libby celebrated her fifth birthday in cowgirl style - with her hat, boots and headed for the farm.

The weather has been all over the board this spring. Warm, cold, storms and everything in between. So I can't say I was totally shocked when a a day before the party the weather forecast changed from a slight chance of rain to 80%. Oh no!

But like a good cowgirl would have us do, we pushed on and partied with a house full of friends, despite the weather. 

There were several outlaws spotted on the property.

And no party is official without cake and ice cream.

Thanks to so many of our friends that came to celebrate with us on such a rainy afternoon. It made Libby's day to have you there!

Happy Birthday, Libby! You are a joy to us and I can't believe five years has passed just like that. We look forward to each day with you! Love you, Lib.

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  1. How precious...LOVE the cowgirl theme! It looks like Miss Libby had a wonderful Birthday! :)

  2. CUTE CUTE CUTE. Miss Libby as a thang for cows ;-)


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